GigBag Checklist Equipment Manager

Your complete Equipment database in your pocket.  Select your gear for the night.  Check it all out, check it all back in.  Take action if something is lost!

That sinking feeling...

You've just come home from a gig.  You are devastated.  A precious gear item is missing.

How did this happen?  What do you do next?  What was the serial?  Do you have a recent photo?

If only you had installed GigBag;  You could quickly email details of your lost gear to friends/social media/insurance and authorities.

But then, if you HAD installed GigBag, you would not have lost your gear in the first place!  Your musical equipment would have been protected!

Never forget that mains lead...

GigBag a fast snappy way to select/check in/check out all of you gear when you are playing live.

Not just the big items, but all that small stuff that is essential for your gig. Yes Laptop/Guitar/Camera/PA speakers are important... but don't forget the spare strings, power board, memory stick, song-list, adapter, tuner, torch, cloth, keys and wallet!

It all needs to be there on the night.  Make sure your next Gig is 100% ready with GigBag’s easy checklist functions - with category goupings and search.

Detailed descriptions of each item (including photos) can be added.

Lost /stolen item?  Quickly share details to get the word out.

Free demo download (5 items) - single upgrade for unlimited.

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