GigBag Pro for Musicians

GigBag Pro for Musicians

The complete solution to manage all your Gig Venues, Contacts, Song Setlists, and Gear Checklists.

Why GigBag Pro?

How many apps do you use to manage your Gig?   You only need one!  Whether you jam at home with friends, or Gig in stadiums, GigBag Pro gives every musician a toolbox of essential resources, in one place.

• Keep a database of all your equipment, and share a fast Gear report in the event of loss or theft.

• Keep all of your songs in one place, with a Setlist creator, Gig duration wizard, autoscrolling display of your lyrics or chords (with a visual metronome), or scan your song sheets* or chord charts right into the GigBag Song Library.

• Keep all your contacts together, organised by their role (bass player/singer/roadie/sound guy etc.)

• Use the built-in Diary/ToDo/Notes function to stay organised and create your Running Order.

• Keep track of venues, with contact details, location map, and one button press to Apple Maps navigation.

• Full reporting

• File sharing & backup

• PDF scanning to Songs

GigBag Pro Home

Home Screen

The big picture, and launchpad to all areas

GigBag Pro Libraries


Quick access to all your resources


Gear Library

GigBag Pro Gear List

Gear Item

GigBag Pro Gear Item

Gear (equipment)

Gear is not just the big items, but all that small stuff which is essential for your gig. Yes, Laptop/Guitar/Camera/PA speakers are important... but don't forget the spare strings, power board, memory stick, song-list, adapter, tuner, torch, cloth, keys and wallet!

The Gear Database handles the big stuff;-  Full item descriptions & photos + value, with single item reporting in case of loss/theft.  But it ALSO handles the small stuff.  A whole Gear record just for a plectrum?  You bet!  Unless you don't mind forgetting your plectrum!

Song Library

GigBag Pro Song List

Song Item


Add song name and select Artist, Style, Key, and Time Signature.

Add a Prompt (you will get a bold prompt display when playing live)

Add duration and BPM if you want accurate text scrolling live.

Lookup lyrics/chords/facts and paste into song.

Or scan in a songsheet using your camera.

Contacts Library

GigBag Pro Contacts List


GigBag Pro Contact Item


You can import from your device's Contacts, or create new.  Each Contact can be assigned a Role; e.g. "Guitarist/Bass/Roadie/Management.  You can dial out/message/email direct from GigBag Pro

Venues Library

GigBag Pro Venue List


GigBag Pro Venue Item


Assign a venue to a Gig.  Enter an address or press & hold the map in setup mode.  In Live mode, touching the map will take you to Apple Maps navigation.

Prep Gig Mode

Prepare Gig

Give your Gig a name, then select your gear, songs, and contacts.  Add a venue and payment amount.

What is held inside each Gig?

A complete picture of your Gig is recorded. Date, Time, Venue, PA provided/Notes, payment, and a database link to your  events diary (Running Order), selected songs, selected gear, and selected contacts.

Better still, from the Gig List you can swipe-to-copy a Gig, and by simply changing the date you have all items ready for a repeat Gig, with the original Gig left in your history.

GigBag Pro Setup Gig

Gig Prep Home

Gear Selection

Song Selection

Setlist Order

Live Gig Mode

Live Gig Mode

Just select your Gig, it's all there for the day

Tools on the day

GigBag Pro Live Gig

Live Gig Home

Setlist (Live Mode)

Song display TEXT mode

Song display PDF mode