GigBag Pro Gig manager App for bands and the performing musician

About Us

We are a couple who code as a hobby, and spend a crazy!! amount of time making great apps which reflect our own lifestyles (music & sport)

Why GigBag?

What do you REALLY need when you gig? Everyone has different needs.

Some musicians just need a few notes scribbled on paper, and a good memory.

Some musicians can't survive without an electronic 8th wonder of the world with iPad's, Midi automation, Bluetooth, page turners, Wifi, computers, all in sync with the band, mixer, and light displays! (what could possibly go wrong!)

Hi - I'm George, the developer of GigBag Pro (and a few other apps). I've played in many bands, plenty of gigs, jammed a lot, and GigBag is my take on what I want in a musicians's App.

At least it started that way. But already GigBag is growing in ways I could not initially imagine - thanks to those of you kind enough to give positive feedback and great suggestions.

It started as a simple Gear Checklist. Then the suggestions came in, and it grew! Contacts Manager, Venue Manager, Gear Song Venue and Gig Library, Reporting, Asset management. It goes on and on!

Although there is a lot packed in, I've tried to keep things structured so that its always easy to get the info you want;-

  • A Home page as a one-click springboard to all areas

  • All library items can be searched

  • A Gig holds links to every Library item - so taking your lists to a gig on the day means just loading up the Gig, and all relevent info is at hand.

  • Extensive and flexible reporting to share to others - or make a paper copy of your setlist for the nervous types!

  • All items synced to iCloud

  • Song & Gear Libraries can be backed up/restored

Enjoy! - George