GigBag FAQ's

Setting up Gigs, Song Setlist, Gear Checklist and Library functions

GigBag Pro is growing fast!  Tips on setting up your Gig Checklist, Setlist, and Library will be continually updated here.  Check back regularly!

Note: Help and FAQ's are mainly written for GigBag Pro, but many relevant subjects are also correct for GigBag Setlist and Gigbag Checklist App variations


Changing Text Zoom

Using Apple's Dynamic Text feature in iOS15 you can change a single App text zoom (See images below).  Dynamic Text is fully implemented throughout GigBag in v2022.7 (May 2022)

Setting up dynamic zoom

You can access this iOS function via Settings/Accessibility/Display & Text Size/Larger Text

But the better way is to add Text Zoom to your Control Centre

 (Settings/Control Center/aA icon)

Then, if you start by running GigBag and swipe down to access the Control Centre/Text Zoom you have the option to change the zoom FOR GIGBAG ONLY

Add the Text button (bottom right) to your Control Panel

Change magnification on vertical slider

GigBag Pro Gear item normal zoom

Normal Zoom

GigBag Pro Gear item higher zoom

Slightly larger Zoom

Q. Where are PDF's saved to?

A. When you save a song with a PDF, the actual PDF gets save to your iCloud\GigBag folder.  Each file starts with the song name and then a unique ID number, (for example Black Magic Woman-99B2A15E-A7B3-4930-8448-C7692E280396) so if you need a copy it's easy to find.

Exporting Songs (PDF issues)

In GigBag Pro & Setlist, PDF files are held in a separate location from the App, on your iCloud folder.  This makes things a bit tricky when exporting, but simple to resolve with a few manual steps.

If for example you export your song list from GigBag Setlist to GigBag Pro, the PDF's in GigBag Pro App will be missing.  A manual step will fix this;-

1) In Setlist, Song Library, Menu, Data Management, Export All Songs

2) Export to GigBag Pro App directly (or by saving first to your file system, then sharing the file back to GigBag Pro.)

3) In GigBag Pro, open a song, select PDF, File button, and navigate to your iCLoud\GigBagSetlist folder.  Choose your song PDF.  (Files names are made up of the Song Name and a long bunch of numbers.  Just look at the Song name and don't worry about the numbers - they are there to avoid duplications and programming issues)

4) Save your song.  The PDF will now be saved correctly in  iCLoud\GigBagPro folder.

Do this for all songs that have a PDF file.

Q. Can I copy an item?

A. Yes - Swipe  left to right in LIBRARY Gig, Gear, Song, & Venue lists

Swipe left-to-right to copy ☞

Q. Can I Copy a Setlist?

A. Yes - Swipe left to right on a Gig to copy the entire Gig - the setlist is duplicated

Q. Can I SHARE a Setlist?

A. Yes, and No

You can share Gig details from the home page reports in GigBag Pro (and filter/select Setlist) as a simple pdf file (to anyone).

As far as sharing the setlist (GigBag file) to another GigBag user, - currently no.  The way GigBag works is by a master Gig object linking setlist/songs/everything! together, so to share a setlist it would also have to copy over the songs to the other person’s song library and also include other elements of the Gig.  It would get pretty messy and confusing if songs already existed and were set up differently on their device.

The future may be collaboration - i.e. having a shared Gig library separate from your personal Gig setup.  Something on the growing ToDo list!

Q. Can I delete an item?

A. Yes - Swipe right to left in LIBRARY Gig, Gear, Song, & Venue lists

☜ Swipe right-to-left to delete

Q. Can I backup my database?

A. You can backup your GEAR or SONG libraries (menu option) to your file system, or another device.

Also, every item and relationship is synced to iCloud, so in the event of losing your device, it will restore when you log into a new device.

PDF's are NOT saved, as they are stored externally to GigBag in your iCloud/GigBag folder and referenced by GigBag.  These PDF files start with the Song name do you can easily find/copy them

Q. Can I search/filter my database?

A. Yes - Swipe down in LIBRARY Gig, Gear, Song, & Venue lists and also Gig PREP Gear and Song Select. 

☜ Swipe right-to-left to delete

Q. What is the file format of exported items?

A. Files are the JSON file format. Gear = .gbpr, SONGS = .gbsg.  Reports are PDF format.

Q. Can I sync using iCloud?

A. Yes - automatic iCloud sync to all of your iOS devices logged onto the same account.

Q. How do I get my song chords and lyrics displayed Live?

A. Each song has a "Text & Scolling" section for you to paste in what you need for a GIg… Lyrics, chords, reminders, your own shorthand.  That’s how many musos work, with just simple memory jogs and notes before or during a performance.

To get this info into your live setlist you need to do 3 things.

1) In the LIBRARY (songs), create/edit a song, and populate the Text & Scolling section.  There are helper web links to point you to chords/lyrics and you copy and paste in what you what.

2) In PREP mode, select your song for your Gig Setlist

3)  In GO LIVE your notes are now available (You can toggle the bottom centre button between SetList and Live Notes.  You can adjust text size using the Text Formatter in the menu.

Q. How do I set up Auto-Scroll and Metronome?

A.  All settings are prepared in the Song setup in the Library, and saved indivually for each song.

The speed of scrolling is affected/calculated from the following;-

The metronome is affected by;-

Also, the start delay will be activated at the start of a song, or in the event of a rewind (back button).  If you pause/play, or pause/manually scroll/play, there will be no delay.

The metronome will keep flashing at the end of the scroll, until the play/pause button is pressed.

Q. Do you support ChordPro, Tabs, and other advanced song formats?

A. No.  There re a lot of things GigBag doesn’t do.  And it’s not really what GigBag was designed to do.  But... maybe one day!

We are exploring the future of GigBag all the time.  We will probably bring some or all of these features to GigBag. After all, ChordPro, Tabs, auto-scrolling, visual metronome, auto page turn, MIDI foot pedal sync etc. ....this kind of stuff excites us!

But don’t hold your breath on these features! …for now maybe use another App (and there are some great ones out there)

Q. Why are there two custom gear "Groupings" in setup?

A. This is held over from the legacy GigBag App. Although assigning a Category to your Gear item is useful when managing your lists at home, when you are out on the road/under pressure, you may want to sort them on a totally different criteria, unique to your needs.

For example, a sound engineer may want to organize equipment by function and artist.

Q. What are the PDF Report Options?

A. There are a number of PDF report options

1) Gig Report:  (from Home Screen).  Every item of your Gig, every field, can be selected/de-selected for a complete report. 

2) Library Reports: PDF Report of your entire Gear, Song, Gig, and Venue lists.

3) Gear Mode Single Item Report:  Single custom PDF report (including images) great for reporting a lost/stolen item.  This report has more granular display options, so that if you need to share your file to say authorities or social media, you can be more selective.

4) Share Gig Details:  A simple share of Gig date/time/location for your friends and fans.

Gig Report

Library Report

Single Gear Report

Q. Mac version?

A. Yes the Apple silicon (M1) version is available.  Not 100% tested/verified, but looks good so far.

Q. Can I stop my screen from dimming/going to sleep?

A. When playing in Live Setlist mode, your screen stays on, and sleep mode is disabled. Be pretty enbarrassing if this didn't happen!

For all other screens/modes (including Live Checklist) GigBag will follow your iOS device's default "Display/Brightness Auto-Lock" time. 

Q. Are you going to annoy me with "Please Leave a Review in the App-Store"?

A. NO!!!!

oh,we just did 😁

Myself and my partner do this as a hobby.  I'd be embarrassed to admit to how many hours we put into it all.  It sure makes our previous day jobs seem like part time!

So coding something you are passionate about is quite simply a labour of love.

One unkind review leaves us pretty fed up, puzzled, and disillusioned.  One kind review gives us an amazing lift, and get's us feeling good about the world! (which in itself is pretty good given the current state of the planet!)

Enjoy the App, be kind!