Welcome to the GigBag family of Apps for Musicians!

GigBag iOS App suite comes in 3 variations

Manage your Gigs.  Choose a Setlist manager, a Gear Checklist manager, or a complete Gig manager

Livesound Equipment database and check-list

GigBag Checklist Home Screen

Gear Database

Check your Gear in and out

Share single item report (in event of theft/loss)

Complete database report

Unlimited Gig Profiles

All Gig states saved

Free demo download

Music organizer and live song autoscroll

GigBag Setlist Home Screen

Song Database

Live Setlist

Auto scroll

Visual metronome

Unlimited Gig Profiles

PDF scanning into Songs

All Gig states saved

Free demo download

Gig Setlist & Gear Manager with many more Gig tools

The Works.

Everything in GigBag Checklist

Everything in GigBag Setlist


Gig Detail - Payment, PA provided, select Venue, add a Tag (Gig Category - e.g. Full Band)

List all Gigs by Date, Venue, or Tag.  Show and total payment by Venue/Month/Tag

Contacts Database - import from your device Contacts.  Set Role (e.g. Bass, Sound, Singer, Manager)

Venue Database - Address/map/navigation/URL/contacts

Gig Diary - ToDo, events, notes for the Gig

Full Gig Reporting 

Disable device sleep in Live Gig Mode

Custom Group naming for Gear (e.g. Rig/Artist/Location)