What's New and Update History

GigBag Pro

V2024.4 (June 2024) - Simpler, more logical layout

All of the above changes hopefully make the GigBag Pro experience simpler, easier, and faster to use.

V2024.3 (Apr 2024) - Better sync,  more real-estate in Live Setlist

V2024.2  (Mar 2024) - Better handling of multi-page PDF's

V2024.1  (Feb 2024) - New display options when creating a Setlist

Show/Hide: Artist, Style, Key, Time Signature, Duration Wizard, and Song Length.

V2023.3  (Nov 2023) - Sleep Mode

V2023.2  (April 2023) - Home Screen Refresh

V2023.1  (May 2023) - Pricing/feature changes

V2022.10  (September 2022) - Feature changes

● V2022.9  (August 2022) - New features, better workflow

● V2022.8.1 & V2022.8.2 - MInor Bug-fixes🕷 - (Export Gear)

● V2022.8  (June 2022) - Across the board tweaks & improvements

Home screen:


Gig Modes


Semi-Pro - initial purchase with limitations (If you downloaded the previous free version, you get this upgrade)

Pro - single IAP to remove all limits

● V2022.7 (May 2022) - Dynamic Text Zoom + Folio

You may have perfect pitch, but maybe the eyes are fading a bit.  So this release will fully support Apple's dynamic text sizing.  All buttons, text and label font sizes throughout GigBag will change by simply adjusting the font size on your iPhone/iPad's control panel 🤓

See FAQ's

New Gig Folio

This feature is so important the only mystery is why it was not the first thing I coded🤔

You can now keep the Running Order (timed events), ToDo's and Notes for the gig all in one place.  No more swapping between notes/todo and calendar apps.

All items are specific to this Gig only.  If a Gig is copied, all items are also copied.

● V2022.6 (Apr 2022) - Themes

● V2022.5 (Feb 2022) - Redesigned Home Screen

● V2022.4 (Feb 2022) - Enhanced Live Setlist view

New features: 

Enhanced Live Setlist view.  You may want to display the setlist and leave it there for the whole Gig (without the scrolling using lyrics/chords view), but need just a little bit more info than is currently available.  So...

LIVE mode

Also, added the ability to "fast edit" a song from the LIVE view.... e.g. quickly change start delay, scroll speed, zoom, then jump straight back to your LIVE gig.


● V2022.3 (Jan 2022) Contacts library, autoscroll, metronome

● v2022.2 (Dec 2021) - support email link


Song Library: 

● v2022.1 (Dev 2021)

GigBag Song Setlist

V2024.2  (Mar 2024) - Better handling of multi-page PDF's

•In Live Setlist mode, you can now swipe through a multi-page PDF.

v2024.1  (Mar 2024) - New display options

When you "Prepare Setlist" for your next Gig, new display options are available in Select and Setlist views.

As well as the song name, you can now show/hide: song length, artist, style, key, time signature, and (Setlist view only) duration wizard.

When song length is selected, selected song duration totals and total Gig times are now located at top of screen.

v2023.3  (Jan 2024) - Copy Gig

New feature: Swipe a Gig left-to-right for "Copy Gig" function. All song selection/ setlist information copied. iPad SearchBar look improved

v2023.2  (June 2023) - PDF scanning

Scan your song sheets into GigBag, or navigate to a PDF file on your device/iCloud.

v2022.1 (August 28th 2022) - Initial Release

GigBag Gear  Checklist

v2022.1 (August 28th 2022) - Initial Release

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