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GigBag Song Setlist Manager

GigBag Gear Checklist Manager

GigBag Pro for Musicians

How many apps do you use to manage your Gig? You only need GigBag! Track your Gig details, venues, contacts, setlists, gear lists. With live song autoscroll

Why GigBag?

Whether you jam at home with friends, or Gig in stadiums, GigBag Pro gives every musician a toolbox of essential resources, in one place.

• Keep a database of all your equipment, and share a fast Gear report in the event of loss or theft.

• Keep all of your songs in one place, with a Setlist creator, Gig duration wizard, autoscrolling display of your lyrics or chords (with a visual metronome), or scan your song sheets* or chord charts right into the GigBag Song Library.

• Keep all your contacts together, organised by their role (bass player/singer/roadie/sound guy etc.)

• Use the built-in Diary/ToDo/Notes function to stay organised and create your Running Order.

• Keep track of venues, with contact details, location map, and one button press to Apple Maps navigation.

• Full reporting

• File sharing & backup

PDF scanning to Songs

Livesound Equipment database and check-list

GigBag Checklist Home Screen

Gear Database

Check your Gear in and out

Share single item report (in event of theft/loss)

Complete darabase report

Unlimited Gig Profiles

Free demo download

Music organizer and live song autoscroll

GigBag Setlist Home Screen

Song Database

Live Setlist

Auto scroll

Visual metronome

Unlimited Gig Profiles

Free demo download

Gig Setlist & Gear Manager with many more Gig tools

The Works.

Everything in GigBag Checklist

Everything in GigBag Setlist

PDF scanning into Songs

Contacts Database

Venue Database

Gig Diary (ToDo, events, Notes)

Full Gig Reporting